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  1. I did not have the financial resources to do this with my children but have been able to do this with my grandchildren. And I tell them I am spending their inheritance. We have had some great vacations also.

  2. I took my son after he graduated from college. Just him and I. We did whatever we wanted without worrying about the cost. We didn’t go crazy. I don’t remember what I spent. But I do have fond memories and so does he. It’s a great idea.

  3. I always enjoy your financial fridays and this video was also very helpful and and honest talk about money. It was really interesting to see how much money you spent and where and also that you prioritize cerebrating Memory and not just counting pennies but you also where conscious in you choices.

  4. Loving the hair – going for the parrot look!!! I love the way you guys travel, your kids will have these amazing memories for the rest of their lives. You're an awesome family. Thanks for continually providing great uploads for us to watch. Keep up the good work.

  5. I think it’s s great tradition that can be done at the price you can afford. I know people who take their kid on an epic canoe or backpacking trip when they turn 13. We haven’t done the one on one trips but my favourite family memories have been camping on the coast in Olympic national park or camping in Utah national parks. Memories can be made for less. But if you can go to Hawaii why not. Our plan has been road trips/camping when they are young and then New York and Hawaii as the two big trips when they are older.

  6. I spent 3 weeks in hawaii for less than $2000 by staying at hostels and taking the bus or hitch hiking. if you’re traveling alone it’s super doable despite what most people think

  7. I watched the Hawaiian Trip and it looked like a lot of fun and it’s something memory will never forget! Also, you can’t take money w/ you when you die, you may as well spend it and make great memories!!

  8. I really enjoyed watching your trip. You can't place a price on experience and making memories. I was shocked at how little it actually cost! I thought it was going to be a lot more! Great job as always!

  9. Hold on…wait…wait…I’m watching this while making dinner so I may have missed this…but did you address your hair in this video?? It. Is. So. Epic. 😂

    On a serious note, I loved this series and I hope to take my kids on some trips like this.

  10. You missed the most important category of expenses…..I REALLY want to know how much you guys spent on your shaved ice! (I know it must have been included in the "food" category, but it would be fun to know how much of that was specifically the shaved ice…)

  11. Yes, the Hawaiian culture is amazing. We go to Hawaii often from the west cost because we do it on a budget as well. It doesn't have to be insanely expensive, and most of the things we do are free: the beach, hiking, etc. Great videos!

  12. Great video i enjoyed the Hawaiian videos and this vlog. The memories are so worth the maoney spent. Also very expensive place some great deals you found. Ben your hair is great in this video

  13. What I liked abou this video:
    "Cammie can do whatever Cammie wants to do… as Cammie will tell you~" -HAHA! ( I wondered about this too)
    yes, I enjoyed learning about the money aspect – you were often frugal where you could be-
    I enjoyed seeing all the kids pass through the video… if you watch the background while you're explaining things- it's grand central station there today(probably every day:) …for those of us who are past having kids at home -I miss it!

  14. Hawaii is our favorite place in the world too! We also homeschool our kids and let them choose a trip when they "graduate" high school (we homeschooled all of them) and when they graduate from college. My husband has taken them skiing in the Alps over spring break, to London, Paris, Rome, Sicily, Prague, Berlin, Vienna and Budapest.

  15. On my deathbed if I am able to speak, I do not think these words will come out of my mouth…..” Oh I wish I hadn’t gone to see all the magnificent National Parks in the great American West. What were we thinking Newfoundland was a great destination?” Today on this Veterans Day I am Thankful for my Fathers 20 years in the Air Force….I am 66 and I tell people all the time “ I love the smell of jet fuel.” I love and live to travel. Good for y’all…l GO WHILE YOU CAN! Just got back from Seattle and saw Burrito Baby Falias photo on the wall at Gorditos.

  16. How special for your kids. My husband and I took each of one of our eight children to Europe when they were 11 years old. When we took our first child we didn't know how or if we would be able to take the other children when they turned eleven, but it worked out. We have great memories of each of those trips, especially spending individual time with each of them.

  17. No debt; key point I think. Around 4k is what i would have guessed unless you're dropping hundreds everywhere on tourist BS. Good price on that first hotel. Great trip.

  18. I think it’s so awesome that you took time to bond with your teen on a trip like this. My kids father, my ex husband, walked away from our 4 kids 8 years ago and he has chosen to never see them since. They would do anything to have some special time with a dad. They would love to be treated special in this way. Your kids will appreciate these trips and remember them forever!

  19. I like when you guys do these financial type videos because if gives me the ability to gauge my own planning for similar types of trips (AT through hike and hawaii are at the top of my list). I can compare my goals on these trips to what you have done to be able to plan how much money im looking at for these. I also really like the idea of normalizing money talk, the amount of money someone makes doesnt make them a better or worse person or mean we should treat them any differently. Thanks for sharing!

  20. You went at a great time of year too. SO MANY people during the busy season. Try Kauai, it’s even more “garden-y” and a tad fewer tourists than the bigger islands.

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