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  1. Camel milk has proven therapeutic qualities. Research has shown it is closest to mothers milk in terms of nutritional content and among other diseases is beneficial for tuberculosis patients.

  2. Those corn puffs with milk I saw a couple of years ago for the first time in a Russian supermarket very close to the place where I live. They are available from several brands. Now you can buy it at any better supermarket in Germany, like Rewe, Edeka or Real and Kaufland, usually from Poland, but now also from German brands also at Aldi! I don't understand why, I think it tastes boring, but obviously they are successful here in Germany. I prefer the classic peanut flips or Dutch kaas flips. πŸ˜€

  3. Hi Ivana…sayin hi bcoz i dint do tht since long..i usually just start with my views. Some nice stuff in the video…but i wld like to mention tht there is not much local stuff in Dubai as its Residents (who r international)….same way u got Munchys which is Malaysian nd we get those in India too but mostly as cheese or sugar crackers…liked ur review abt Camel Milk which is local and i have never tasted it so found ur view very informative and useful.

  4. Honestly Ivana, you are so good at these vlogs, I can’t believe it. Your voice, ohhh goodness, when you are talking, it’s really addictive to listen you, even if I try to stop or skip the video,i can’t. I just like the way you talk. I’m not being a perv, your voice captures my mind and makes me want to listen to you on an on, it’s mesmerising and hypnotising. Believe me or not, the way you talk is mesmerising. It’s hard to stop your video from playing.


  5. Perfection was created
    to make us feel imperfect,
    but imperfect, of course,
    is the perfect thing to be.

    You spend every hour of every day,
    every day of every week,
    trying to be different,
    trying to be unique.
    Dear ivana you are video very amazing
    Good work πŸ‘ keep it up
    God bless you πŸ€—

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