Duplex Investment Property Conversion Walkthrough & Financial Breakdown (Before Renovations)!

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30 thoughts on “Duplex Investment Property Conversion Walkthrough & Financial Breakdown (Before Renovations)!”

  1. Real estate is my favorite way to invest . Just keep in mind that if you plan on purchasing a property to rehab and rent out, have about 20% of the purchase price in reserves in case any surprises happen along the way. Cheers!

  2. Hey Matt is there a link to where we can see an example of that drywall/backer board 5/8" install you mentioned at the 3:00 min mark?
    I'd really like to see a visual on that type if code install you talked about.
    Thanks in adv!

  3. For splitting the heat, have you considered keeping the furnace heat for the upstairs unit and using electric baseboards in the basement? This allows splitting of hydro and gas. We're doing this on our current project.

  4. What is the cost to Re-zone the property to allow the Duplex? Where I'm from the Township Code needs to be applied or you'll lose money later with court fees and fines.

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