EDC Las Vegas 2020 – Date Announce

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45 thoughts on “EDC Las Vegas 2020 – Date Announce”

  1. Went to my first EDC this year’s Las Vegas, and I’m really excited and already planning to go next year EDC Las Vegas. I had an amazing incredible epic time and I can’t wait to go back and experience it all over again in 2020 EDC Las Vegas

  2. I got emotional😭😭 lol I went to my first edc this year and it was one of the best experiences of my life!!! Can’t wait for next year!

  3. You guys need to figure out how to get everyone out the parking lots faster. It took me 2 hours to exit the parking lot on Friday (day one), got to the hotel at like 9am. Figure something out, please! Would make my experience a whole lot better.

  4. I WILL RETURN FOR MY THIRD YEAR. I skipped this year and am still regretting it, but I'm set on returning and bringing my fiance for her first time! 💙🙏

  5. So they just gonna make it during graduation season for all the semester schools again? Lots of my friends couldn't come this year since they were graduating :,( somebody please, I dont want to miss EDC 2020 or my graduation from college. Wtf😭 EDC 2019 was so much fun and I definitely want to go back and be under the Electric Sky.

  6. It was my first year and honestly the best 3 days of my life!! The amount of PLUR was insane!!! Absolutely loved helping others too, many people came up to ask me for hugs if they weren’t having a great time. Tremendous amounts of love.. Never missing an EDC for as long as I live!!

  7. That was this year and to be honest the lineup sucked and I feel like they definely half a$$ed this year. For 400 bucks for a sold out venue they definely dropped the ball 2019 edc. I'll prolly not be going again

  8. What is with the 4 thumbsdown?🤔 Am I right?🤔 Anyways…. Insomniac never stops blowing my mind on their productions. This was my 5th EDC and it it was breathtaking. I cannot wait for 2020. Rollin' with 6 friends that have NEVER been! Can't wait! Nevermind if EDC isn't "your scene." If you have never been, just live little and check it out! Bucket list. There is nothing like the experience😁🖒

  9. I finally turn 18! Literally a day before EDC starts! (Making me legal to go 😉) and this will be my first EDC las vagas, I can not wait to go!

    Edit: ummm so I turn 18 on the 16th… I’m sure I can still go lol just have to prove I’m 18 😂 😅 I’m screwed

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