Elderly White Man Hurls Racial Slurs At Black Postal Worker In North Texas

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32 thoughts on “Elderly White Man Hurls Racial Slurs At Black Postal Worker In North Texas”

  1. Not every thing is chalked up to mental illness especially without a diagnosis. I do not know why she went there and if he does have an illness he maybe carrying a gun.

  2. I don't see how they're not taking into consideration how tribalism works since the beginning of time. Whites are from their own tribe, blacks are from their own tribe, Latinos are from their own tribe and Asians are from their own. People tend to gravitate towards their own that's all this is.

  3. Trump got white Americans speaking out loud what they normally keep inside of them Trump is good for America it shows the world that America is the same racist place that it has always been Trump gets a AMEN for exposing the real America – What comes next is the scary part in America – What will it take to start a civil war the mass shootings haven't – minority people definitely don't love themselves or their family if they did the war would be ongoing now !!!!

  4. Those dog smelling demons, always choose someone soft, or young, or least threatening!! Or their favorite move!! Talk all grimy and at the same time. Their finger is on the speed dial button! To get help from some of their other klan members. People are tired of just letting things go, and it’s to return the same energy that’s being put out!! Who are these people?? If anyone gets in your space, snatch his head off his shoulders!!

  5. Monique shuckin N Jivin again he's not too insane to understand that what he was saying were specific racist terms for black ppl, thats why I can't with some black folk today, keep denying all you want it won't stop these ppl!

  6. The way I see it black people have always been the backbone of this country and white people has aways been racist I don't get it why black people are so surprise about what's going on I'm happy white people are showing their racism 1 because of all these black people was talking about racism is in the past are getting there wake up call. 2 all the other races who came to this country sided with white people and practice racism are getting their wake up call. Dear white people keep showing your racism to the world.

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