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  1. Sick and futile assholes. The disgraces poor people go trough aren't entreteniment! Do you wanna experience how it is to be poor? How about change places with the less fortunates, then? At least in this way you will be doing a good action in exchange of your stupid curiosity.

  2. Está faltando incorporar nesta favela os trombadinhas os traficantes às armas de grosso calibre às periguetes, esgoto a céu aberto enfin, toda desordem relacionada às favelas. Desta maneira é fácil brincar com a miséria da maioria da população mundial.

  3. I can just picture the board meeting to discuss the creation of this "Shanty Town" luxury spa and resort. I'm sure it wasn't a group of poverty stricken poor people living off daily rations of rice and dirty, contaminated water.

  4. I have tried exploring the website for this destination, and can find no sign that they donate to charitable causes to help alleviate the suffering of people living in shanty towns. Surely, though, considering this is in such bad taste, they must retain SOME level of morality and donate SOME profits to help out those who are living in abject poverty? or is this AS horrific and uninformed as it appears?
    Would be nice to get a reply from the resort with regards this issue.

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