[Ep. 8 Travel Vlog] House Hunting Under the Shadow of Mt. Rainier – Puyallup, Washington

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28 thoughts on “[Ep. 8 Travel Vlog] House Hunting Under the Shadow of Mt. Rainier – Puyallup, Washington”

  1. Howdy Pard.
    Beautiful home! I'd check and see what affect the area has on home owners insurance and financing if any. You can also research the Mt. Saint Helens eruption and see how far damage went and how fast it traveled. Best of luck to you all! Oregon will miss you.

  2. I live in Bend as ya know. I’m smack in the middle of all sorts of volcanoes and calderas. I wouldn’t sweat it. No place is 100% risk free. At least you don’t have to worry about hurricanes, tornados, massive blizzards, the San Andreas fault, etc. most of what you have to worry about is growing mold in all that rain lol. Just live well and be a good human like you’re already doin! 😁

  3. Just go for it. If you can find a good house at a reasonable price in the area, you need to grab it. The commutes in the area will be a pain in the butt, but I don't see getting away from it if you need to get to Seattle. You are not going to get any better traffic either north or east of Seattle. If you want to be prepared for the volcano, stick a bug out bag in the van so you can leave on short notice. If (or when) Rainier explodes, you will have time to leave, the mud won't arrive instantly.

  4. Jed, the way I see it Rainier isn't likely to blow before we do. It's been a while since St. Helens true, but when was the last time a volcano in this range blew before then?

  5. As many have pointed out, life is a series of risks. As my instructor in my Motorcycle Safety Foundation rider course taught 20 years ago, there's risks you can manage, and risks that you can't. Yes, one day Mount Ranier will let go. But look at what's already in your life (based on your videos that I enjoy watching so much). I'm assuming you're reloading your own black powder rounds, you travel far and wide to different events, with the MR2 and GTO I'm just assuming there may be some pretty exhilerating driving, and as safe as we all strive to be with our sport there are firearms involved, so there's always some element of manageable risk there as well. Now – compare that to Mt. Ranier, and see if that puts things in perspective or not.

    Where I live in New Hampshire we don't really have much in the way of active volcanos or earthquakes (although every once in a great while we might get a barely-noticeable tremor), but the city I I've in has appeared on national television for our part in the opioid crisis, and for a smaller city we have a significant level of crime associated with that. Every place you look at to live will have different issues; the question is what your personal tolerance for the different risks is, and where your break-even point between the pros and cons lies. Based on the video I love the house, and having travelled through that area several times on business it's gorgeous and the people are fantastic. There's tons to recommend that area.

    Anxiously looking forward to seeing what you decide – and the car videos are a great idea too!

  6. Hi Jed, Lady Abagayle lived there when we were dating, she commuted to Tacoma mall for work and what a drive. One time I was there on a Saturday and she had to work, so I went looking around. I wanted to get to the Harley Shop and got on the main ave. to get there. 2Hrs of stop and go traffic to go 5 to 10 miles was nuts. So when I told her of my activities for the day, she smiled and said never go on that ave. on Saturdays, they all use the side roads instead. She had a very nice house in a gated area and I think she said she didn't have to water the flower beds or lawn very much if any. BECAUSE IT RAINS ALL THE TIME!!! Good luck!!

  7. Jed, I live in Portland and there are 2 volcanoes that I can see from just about anywhere in the city. They are beautiful to look at in the morning
    Mt. St. Hellen’s is the one you need to watch and she’s been pretty quiet.

  8. First of all, you're off to a good start by pronouncing Puyallup correctly. Some people never figure that one out.

    As others have said, earthquakes are a far more likely danger than volcanic activity from Mt. Rainier. It is in a different stage than Mt. St. Helens. Your risk of being injured during the Puyallup to Seattle commute is vastly greater than by Mt. Rainier. I would have no hesitation. Maybe you can ride the Sounder train to ease the commute too…

  9. Oh man, Puyallup to Seattle is a rough commute. I totally get your fears about Rainer but I am less worried about that than I am a Cascadian quake which we are due for in this area. Those two things aside I suggest you look at Everett, specifically the Silverlake area.(30 to 40 min from Seattle most days) If you guys don't mind being a bit further from the City check out the Lake Stevens area. There is some outstanding property in the eastern part of Snohomish county. What I think of as "horse property". One of the pluses to Everett is that Paine Field is now doing commercial flights so if you need to travel for work you don't necessarily need to deal with Seatac which is a pain in the butt at the best of times. My wife and I are in Mountlake Terrace right now and looking at those areas I mentioned as there is about to (in the next two years) be a commuter train built practically on top of us. While I don't have an impressive collection of motor vehicles, my hobbies and artistic endeavors take up a lot of space so I feel you on needing/wanting an out building like the one you mentioned.

  10. I live in Southern Oregon I think that's the best place to live. The biggest disadvantage we have here is great hunting, great fishing, all kinds of shooting sports are of always available. I get so that Oregon has no disadvantages. It must be where the best places to live.You ought to try it here.

  11. Hey Jed i great video. House hunting can be more than a challenge ! I look at Mt. Rainier myself, I live in Gig Harbor Wa.
    If you move to Puyallup we could maybe someday shoot together. I use to be anxious of the mountain in the past, now
    it's something really beautiful to look at. All the best on your house hunt.

  12. Living in SoCal all my life on the San Andreas fault has its risks, and to top it off I'm in a high fire danger zone as well. Everywhere we live has its risks.
    By the way are you going to the California State Match at The Double R Bar in April?

  13. Good morning Jed,
    I was hoping to see a house search video after your Facebook posts.
    The house by My. Rainer looks awesome. I can definitely see the reason for the pause, that's a pretty intimidating shadow to live in.
    We live on the north central plains of Saskatchewan near Saskatoon. For us the most common issues are wind storms(up to 60mph, on some rare occasions up to 75) and of course our winters. -30-40 Celsius is a cold stretch, when there is no wind it's not that bad. But a day with temperatures that low with even a 15mph wind is horrible.
    Our other natural disaster concerns are tornadoes, not super common for our area but there are always a few warnings every year.

    As for dedicated videos on your cars, I'd really like to know the history and specs on your GTO. The Bat van is pretty cool, my wife Perilous Pearl is trying to buy a Vandura that matches her family van from her childhood. So my guess is we will be Vanning to CAS matches in the future. The mr2 is of an interest as well. So those are my votes for in depth videos on the car collection.
    Good luck on the decision, looking forward to see what your future brings.
    D.D. Freighter

  14. really fun vid Jedi, thanks so much! Love the deep dive into the house hunting process. Puyallup is a very nice area, and no place is totally safe… I have family near there in Port Townsend, and occasionally when I go visit, I get a chance to get "freaked out" when they test run the tsunami horns in downtown…. yikes 🙂

  15. Having lived in Livermore CA (San Andreas fault) and now in Manteca CA ( possible San Joaquin river flooding) you are correct in the statement about risks regardless of where you live. After the earthquake in Japan, causing the volcano eruption, and tsunami, I can see the apprehension to purchasing a home near a volcano. That being said, tiptoeing down the fine line between caution and paranoia only leads to frustration. If this is THE HOME for the family of time travelers, the. I would jump on it. Just remember to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. With the van and motor home, you should be able to leave if things start to get dicey… hopefully. If the rest of the family loves this place, and you can see beyond the volcano, I would jump on it! Best of luck!

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