EP06 – Something Special In the Making – Tokio Hotel TV 2019 Official

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36 thoughts on “EP06 – Something Special In the Making – Tokio Hotel TV 2019 Official”

  1. so fake fake fake they are so fake now. to me me bill kaulitz and the rest of the group passed away long time ago. its now like a comedy. seeing bill wearing heals makes me sick too 😷😷

  2. Coming home from school. Stopping near the subway(free wifi and no parent control. They punished me turning off wifi at home) headphones on. Turns on youtube. It's winter, freezing dark outside, 12% battery. And me standing there for hours and watch TH lives. Been watching them all for 10k times at least.
    9pm, mom calls wonders where i am. Me going home, laying in my bed with snacks and dreams of future and sunny days. And keeps watching the rest of the video that has been uploaded from the subway wifi.

    This in 2014-15
    Something here made me remember it all

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