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46 thoughts on “Epic Hawaiian Vacation – Waikiki Beach – PilotVlogs”

  1. ❤ Hawaii!!! Beautiful hotel! Love the views of the Koala mountains, Ft Derussy park, Ala Wei canal, & Diamond Head. I may see you flying out of Charlotte one day LKN resident here 😉 🌈

  2. Aloha Garrett, I'm just following up with you. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your stay, bummers it was only four days… Please book for a longer stay next time also can you please email me [email protected]gmail.com and let me know where else on Oahu you'd like to visit. I look forward to hearing from you. Take care, keep in touch, and safe travels!!

  3. Awesome video Garrett,I truly LOVE Hawaii and Ritz Carlton is one of my favorite places to stay.I am sorry about your drone that's a bummer.Looks like it was a great adventure I so much enjoy Waikiki just a vibrant cool place.Take care all the best can't wait until your next video.

  4. Awesome!!! I really enjoy watching your videos of the life of an airline pilot. I am really thinking of wanting to become an airline pilot, because I am very interested in planes, and really like traveling. What is your advice for me to become an airline pilot.

  5. Words cant describe the room tour scenery etc ! BTW-that Celsius Energy Drink-my Gym has it-its the best ! Where will U go next ? I guess the Perks of flying a Flying Machine has its advantages ! A Ski Holiday ? How bout a Christmas Market Tour of Europe ?

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