Erik Reveals the Secrets of Time Travel

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20 thoughts on “Erik Reveals the Secrets of Time Travel”

  1. People could always get a reading with the medium themselves and ask their own questions instead of judging. If you want answers so bad, pay for a reading yourself….js

  2. Did you ever go to a medium where she gets a name after mentioning about 10 names ,also they never ever get a surname ,or even a number of an address to where they lived ,to validate

  3. I think Alpha is like walking meditation and Delta is deeper than Theta perhaps for a transcendental state. Seems there a Alpha-Theta brainwave state that is the optimal potential and Hz. That’s makes sense. Likely feels a lot like inner peace lol. The middle. Transcendatal may be nice but there is also practicality. Whatever works to stop and be aware of your mind without judging. I also have a busy mind. Guided meditations were helpful for me. Likely linked to being a visual learner.if you are aware it is likely you are already walking in meditation. That is like boundaries for Alpha. Alpha mastery.

  4. What If You Are Really Time Travel To 1980s And You Tell Everyone That I Came From 2019 And No One Believes You Than What Will You Think 🤪🤪🤪

  5. I would be very careful with the Channelling erik mediums as some of them can be very abusive.Sometimes people wear a mask when they are advertising their business online.The best way of determining weather the medium or anyone else is a good fit for you is to do the sway test. Read the emotion code.

  6. i do'nt know sis for those that have a very short attention focus time or AFT; there is a meditation wich allows you to use that in your advantage, ill explain : you breath in fully , make sure your chest is filled with air and your belly then you start to exhale very little and inhale very little but very fast ,like a humming bird you need to be fast ; about 4 tiny inbreaths and outbreaths per second , this is also used when you are in the water and can't move your leggs and hands to keep floating in the water as a training exercise .this meditation ALLOWS you to use your AFT in your advantage, i hope this helps anybody , try it first for 4 seconds then 8 seconds then if you can 1 minute, then 10 minutes then 30 minutes .may love be our guide not fear : love to All that is

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