Escape to El Cozumeleno Beach Resort

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41 thoughts on “Escape to El Cozumeleno Beach Resort”

  1. Sorry the AIRBNB didn’t work out. I couldn’t stays where it’s loud either. Awe a hermy crab. Never seen a wild one before. I’ve owned a few in the past. Cool birds! Awesome underwater shots.. cool to see all the fish. Your definitely a water baby!

  2. Well, wow Angela. Looks like you’re having way too much fun. I thought I heard you say your camera was not waterproof in the first part of the video yet in the last part of the video it’s under the water most of the time. Are you trying to pull our legs?

  3. Love the little sand crab! May I ask what you're using to film? Phone? If so, which one? I'm looking to buy a new one and need recommendations. Whatever you're using is amazing! ****NEVER MIND! YOU JUST SAID IN THE VIDEO!* HA!

  4. Snorkeling is up there as one of my favorite things to do too. It is so peaceful swimming around looking for a cool fish to swim by. You remind me a little of my grown daughters, they do all kinds of cool shit too.

  5. Escape ?! Where are you escaping from ? From one paradise to another ? Please explain ? My local weather is -16 c with a bitch of a wind… I NEED TO ESCAPE !!! You, not so much, lol !!! Tip; stay away from cheap Botox hahahahaaaa

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