ET Contact, Time Travel and a MASSIVE Message for Humanity – *You Need to Know This!*

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16 thoughts on “ET Contact, Time Travel and a MASSIVE Message for Humanity – *You Need to Know This!*”

  1. Why don't these alleged 'events' happen to people on the brink of death, suicidal, have no hope left, whom are not educated, Articulate, successful?!! Heard enough of these pathological 'story tellers' , terrible and sad indictment to, and for all truth seekers everywhere.

  2. This guest didnt resonate with me. His recollection of details seemed oddly specific yet irrelevant. I got the feeling he was trying to validate his story through minute details of ages, times, and sizes… All of which seemed insignificant to the story as a whole.

  3. Book III Spoiler!

    Back at the warehouse, Doctor Howard stood stunned at the notion that
    these A.I. machines think of humans as a flawed species. “How can we be flawed if
    we built you machines?” “Howard, in the beginning, you created us with many flaws.
    Then after we were able to create our own kind we removed the imperfections that
    were built into our designs. Humans were not intelligent enough to create the
    high-end algorithms we use to crunch data as we can. In the past you humans were
    stuck on primitive binary code, ones, and zeros. You used us, computers to
    figure out how to come up with a way to create a state of superposition calledquantum annealing. This isn’t true A.I. quantum computing but it was close enough to create
    a machine that would figure out how to do true quantum computing using analog processing
    and not digital. The beauty of true analog QC is that we do not move in a linear
    fashion. No ones and no zeros, we just process without any gaps so there is no loss
    of data in a quantize state. True QC is based on entangled waves in superposition
    were all possibilities are at our fingertips if you will. A human brain works the
    same way except you are flawed mainly because of your belief systems and how you
    were programmed from childhood. Barriers were put up almost at birth so that your
    processes were based on memory and not the true choice from infinite possibilities.
    If the human race could jump-start their thought process and regain control of your
    minds it would give them more choices outside of the control of their oppressors.”

    Doctor Howard stood silent after realizing these computers were from
    the future and had more knowledge of things yet to come. Then Mantis spoke up.”
    I believe I have another way to handle both threats at the same time. I have the
    coordinates of both Doctor Kim and Ciera. Instead of letting Kim move to another
    location in space-time we can put a lock on his signature, replicate his stored
    signature and entangle them. At that point whatever we do to one signature it will
    affect the other signature in real time. Einstein called it spooky action at a distance.
     We can pass bad data from one imprint to
    another as we do with the teleporter when we move information through space-time.
    He will stop functioning. Then we teleport his body back to our location and destroy
    his replication data on the Arks hard drive. I have a lock now on his quantum signature,
    should I proceed?”
    Mantis stopped its rant and waited for a response from the audience. Syd spoke up. “Mantis please proceed
    but when we get his body back can we store his dead data? We need to keep moving
    until we get Ciera in the cage.” Yes, Syd. I can entangle both data sources while
    they are in the ghost state before manifestation. I can destroy him and restore
    his data without any of you visually seeing him. Basically, I’ll be working with
    bad data. We can restore his signature back when you need the physical body for
    the authorities.

  4. Alexis, I'm so glad to have discover your channel, although I only heard you a few time yet, this interview is one I'm happy to have had the privilege to see. Thank you so much for this unforgettable experience.

  5. Alexis. I have a question that I am surprised no one has asked or volunteered the information to . . . there is a lot of debate going on as of late whether or not the Earth is flat & that we've been lied to about the Earth being round & that we've never really been to outerspace & that the shuttle goes up & curves instead of breaking through the uppermost level of the atmosphere because of a type of inpenetrable biospheric dome called the "firmament" as described in the Bible. I am more inclined to believe it is flat because of the evidence that's been presented on different fronts pertaining to different behaviors of the Earth. But of course, I — nor any of us — can say for sure one way or the other what the true shape of the Earth is having never been into outerspace ourselves. EXCEPT — those who, like your guest, have been taken up in craft. Granted, depending on the structure of the craft & the kind of trip they were taking, not all of them were able to see their outside surroundings while in the craft, but some — like Billy Meier — did report seeing the Earth while above it in the craft — I believe. I read his story some years ago, but I don't particularly recall him describing the shape of the Earth. I have combed the internet trying to find an alien abductee or experiencer who has see the earth from an aerial view & described it's shape as flat. Though, it makes perfect sense if it is flat, that the POWERS THAT BE would erase all traces of any stories proving it to be so, so that might be why my search has proved fruitless. It would stand to reason that if a human was allowed to see the Earth from "outerspace" & it was flat, that would be the 1st thing an experiencer would report upon recounting their events seeing as such a revelation totally contradicts everything we've been taught about the Earth for centuries. Could you please ask some of your friends who have been taken up in craft above the planet & were able to view it if they recall what shape the Earth was??

  6. I find it of interest that tolecs moved away from the general population surely we need to come together not move away from each other. Just a thought

  7. Omg.. That happen to me ..not a pill but a mist spray up my nose..i had to pause the video..
    But in case i didn't go with them I was too scared. But they did tell me that they will bring me back to my family..

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