European Travel Skills: Sorting Through Hotel Options

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7 thoughts on “European Travel Skills: Sorting Through Hotel Options”

  1. I found a 4 star Hotel in Barcelona for $110 with tax per night (Hotel Amister). Its a 59 room Boutique hotel thats 6 blocks from the Metro/Air Bus to the airport, close to Sants Train Station and a 20 minute walk to Las Ramblas. Its not in a touristy area and is close to Placa de Gracia/Passig. You can find these gems online.

  2. I hope that one day I can see these experiences first hand…But, It is going to be a while, Rick. I commend you for giving everyday people the chance to see what we would love to see. Me and my significant other study your videos regularly… The sad truth is neither of us make enough money to travel away from our place because of the amount of the small amount of money we make. I am just glad to see your videos and to see her face when I show her what is out there means the world to me…

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