Every Avengers: Endgame Time Travel Mistake They Made

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17 thoughts on “Every Avengers: Endgame Time Travel Mistake They Made”

  1. I've got another one you missed. If half the life in the universe was destroyed, when they brought them back they would've already used up a lot of food from crops so there wouldn't be enough after the last click.

  2. Although those mistakes weren’t accidents and were written into the story for future plots, they did make a real mistake assuming branches can be undone. Once created, a branch has a life of its own and will be altered into another new branch if travelers return to it. Also, I keep bringing up the concept of destiny which I think plays into these plots. If it’s your destiny to achieve your goal, there are no mistakes, only steps taking you there. So, everything done is allowable because it’s part of the journey. The Ancient One alluded to this in the Dr. Strange movie. I’m eager to hear more from Dr. Strange abt time travel. Maybe he’ll fill in a few holes.

  3. That was a sore point calling all of Back to the Future movies crap just because they are using different rules. That's why I am glad you made this video. I think the writers also missed that if, "that's now how this works" than how could Steve Rogers somehow make it work? 🤔 I can't say that Tony didn't make the right call refusing to do something that would kill him. I'd think twice about that too.

  4. Last one is not a big issue as long the first return goes to ancient one
    Ancient one can reverse all infinity stone to its shape n original state form…
    she kinda alr knew what will happen since foreseen hulk come to drS for time stone

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