Every BAIT Got DESTROYED… EPIC Florida Keys Bridge Fishing

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36 thoughts on “Every BAIT Got DESTROYED… EPIC Florida Keys Bridge Fishing”

  1. The permit died because you didn't revive it enough in the net. When you drop it down you have to bring it up and down in the water before you release it from the net to make sure it is revived enough

  2. Love your channel and videos but this upset me. You have proved to be way more respectful then this to fish. You cant use the excuse of the fish was released. Smacking them on the ground and then dropping them 20+ feet to the water is terrible practice

  3. Wow. You guys are terrible. The way you treat these fish is incredibly disrespectful and quite possibly illegal. I only watched long enough to write this, and in that time you flung several fish onto the concrete …..I’m speechless. By the way I’ve been sportfishing my entire life and have never ever seen that. I want to puke thinking about the way people are treating this planet.

  4. sorry bro i registered only to give you thump down for being so dump with the fish you cath. if this happend in a meet harvesting campany and the public gets to know about such behaviour, someones head will roll

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