Every Trace McSorley Pass & Run vs. Eagles | NFL 2019 Highlights

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33 thoughts on “Every Trace McSorley Pass & Run vs. Eagles | NFL 2019 Highlights”

  1. The future is here remember that kid they called Russell Wilson? I have watched Trace since he was a skinny freshman taking a school with a losing record to four straight state title games in two different divisions won three of them lost a total of 4 games in 4 years my kids went to school with him and all said he will be the next russell wilson no question he is ready for prime time. He set records at Penn State that may never be broken with a very average offensive line-he will hold the lombardi trophy and mvp trophy in the future 100%

  2. Some of his throws reminded me of PSU when they had receivers with great adjustment to the ball. He put it only where they can get it and it was on them to make it happen. Some of those throws in that game could've been caught if the receivers adjusted to the outside where Trace had to put it.

  3. Mcsorley gonna be good somewhere. He reminds me so much of mcholmes from KC good awareness and calm. But he's gotta watch running into a pile like rothlesberger use too lol

  4. They are gonna use both QBs to their full strengths… It's about to be nasty this season bro .. we might see the most snaps with 2 QBs on the field, maybe even double (I don't know the numbers as I'm typing this on my phone). Maybe not, but he looks so on point… Picture a snap where Lamar lines up at RB and Trace at QB but is a direct snap to Lamar through Traces legs???(and the scenario is 4th and inches) there is potential for a big gain on either decision I feel. Unless that's illegal. I'm trying to get creative here… Lmao

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