everything I did to prepare for my huge vacation (fiji baby)

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42 thoughts on “everything I did to prepare for my huge vacation (fiji baby)”

  1. HIII MY MCKBABES 😉 I uploaded this a few days ago and it ended up glitching out when I uploaded it and added another video onto this one.. so if you were wondering, yes this is a re-upload! Hope you guys enjoy and i love you all so much!! I filmed a really cool video while in fiji too and that will be coming soon. let me know how you like this video. xoxo!!

  2. Hi! I’ve been following your channel for so long! So I would like to ask you something, I just posted my first video in English, because I’m Italian and I’ve always made videos in Italian.. would you like to see it and tell me what do you think about that(and about my pronunciation haha)? It’s super important for me, thank you if you will❤️

  3. i met summe at the mall and i sat down on a bench with her and idk why but i literally told her '" i thought you where my step mom" (my step mom has blonde hair) but really? that was what i chose to say to her????? I think about it all the time even though it happened yesterday and i wanna gouge my eyeballs out

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