Exotic Amazonian Fish Species CAUGHT in my Backyard!

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38 thoughts on “Exotic Amazonian Fish Species CAUGHT in my Backyard!”

  1. I've pulled out several Peacock bass in Penbroke Pines, FL,,, there's a pond in front of the municipal center at Pine Blvd and Palm ave,,, Red Jelly worms and silver Rapala lures is what they like….
    Also, if you want some good fishin action,, the canals off Commercial Blvd in Tamarac are loaded with Snake head as are the canals off Khrome avenue near Mac's fish Camp in Miami-Dade…
    Don't believe me,,, go buy some shiners at a local bait shop and you can have an early morning blast catching Snake Head, Garr and bass off of Khrome Ave and US27

  2. Oh my God Brian I got me a Shakespeare spinning reel with 12 lb test a two-piece rod and you're asking me what I got well I'm trying to learn how to fish and there are fresh water world

  3. Sizzling Brian I appreciate your videos I love my giant gator trout little itty bitty is there a spook and she slammed it she was a big old female and I took the hook out of her mouth and I let her free

  4. Good for you sizzle I love your videos on YouTube I appreciate your I love fishing for big Gator trout I fish in a lot of them in Indian River but I can't get there I'm up here in Missouri with Big o rainbow trout so I got to catch the biggest male I'm going to catch him what's up Whopper plopper one of the best lures up here in the North catch my first biggest smallmouth bass wow check it out girl if you want to catch some big fish check the Whopper plopper

  5. And guess what I caught my biggest bass and Coral Springs Florida 11 lb 4 oz I was only 16 years old or the baitcaster 3000 and guess what I caught my biggest fast I never caught a smallmouth but I'm aiming at it girl

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