Explaining the Most Complicated Part of Avengers: Endgame

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  1. Okay, so Cap knows they sent him back in 5 seconds so he waits out alt life, uses the tunnel and waits a little bit for them to realise he is there. He got another shield probably when he went back, as we know as long as he had the suit and some particles he could time travel, so he could have went to before he crashed and took the shield then went back to continue his life. Plus alternate timelines don't really matter because the prime timeline never changes.

  2. Old Cap really throws a wrench into the movie's own timeline/primeline rules. The way I've decided to look at it is—Cap returns the stones, but returns the Time Stone last. The Ancient One uses both Magic and the Time Stone to allow Steve to go back to the Peggyline and merge Old Cap into the primeline. There. Done. A wizard did it.

  3. time doesn't work the same way in quantum realm… Cap might have taken his whole life in just those 5 seconds… Remember Banner says "for us only 5 seconds, for cap as long as he takes" that means he stayed his life and got married in just those 5 seconds,

  4. Its not complicated at all. If you back to the past, that becomes your future, so you cant change it. If you change your past, you just create another timeline separated from your own. The grandfather paradox, you cannot travel in time to the past and kill your grandpa, cause that would mean you wont exist and if you dont exist, then you never traveled back in time so you never killed your grandpa, so you continue to exist. Time paradoxes prevent time travel. In this case they are able to do it by exploring parallel timelines.

  5. I would honestly love it if Phase 4 introduced X-men and Fantastic Four. That way we could have the illuminati made up of Mr Fantastic, Professor X, Black Panther and Doctor Strange and they could work together to fix the alteration of the timeline.

  6. think of it like this when cap goes back to put the infinity stones back he stays with peggy after he disappears in the ice (hence two Captain Americas existing in that timeline) but still keeps the quantum suit now once peggy passes away (cause shes human) he travels back to the prime timeline where he came from

  7. The thing I don’t get is how peter came back 5 years later and all of his classmates stayed the same age as him, did his entire school just happen to disappear with him?

  8. so u said that the 90's y.o Steve Roger use the GPS to travel to 2023, question is how/when did he use the time machine to travel to 2023 in that old body, besides when he showed up he didnt wear that space/time travel suit.. n obvious rebuttal is that he returned to that point in time using the quantum realm time-travel device as an old man to show everybody his life had been a happy one, but then he would have popped back into the middle of the time machine. There’s no way he could have snuck past everybody to the park bench.

  9. Hahahaha nice job!! Basically in the many worlds theory time travel is not possible.. It is actually universe hopping. My nagging question that goes unanswered… If the stones were destroyed in the main timeline(remember grimace destroted them) what kind of adverse side affects would that create. They are the concentrated ingots of creation! Also, the stones have now been used on earth multiple times. What kind of side effects will that have?

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