Exploring The Castles & Luxury Hotels/Restaurants in Les Baux de Provence – Belle France / EP. #272

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29 thoughts on “Exploring The Castles & Luxury Hotels/Restaurants in Les Baux de Provence – Belle France / EP. #272”

  1. This is how I like to tour. Forget pedalling 80 km a day or whatever and not stopping to see a thing. Less pedalling, lots of sightseeing and a great meal at the end of the day is the way to go. Maybe not Michelin star but something good. Mind you eating at a Michelin star restaurant would be an unbelievable experience too I’d say, and would love to do it one day.

  2. Good thing you don’t drink wine. They would have had a different wine with every course. Had that in Italy once, remarkable and memorable experience. But you can then forget cycling the next day !.

  3. Man….why did you not VIDEO TAPE the Michelin Star dining experience?……man the scenery there is the best…..taping that meal and hotel experience would’ve made this tour your best yet—Darren.

  4. At the Michelin restaurant you experienced what happens in many restaurants in France. Intermediary courses, called "amuse bouche", serve as a way to both surprise the palate and maintain the pace of the dinner. Keeping multiple courses rolling for many diners ain't easy hence the need for these mini courses.

  5. Nice, brings back memories, when I was stationed in Germany, late 80's. Connected to a company called "Gast im Schloss" guest in Castles. I'd get a room for the night and spend the day traveling around the area. Some of those restaurants, in the castles were rated 1 star. Unforgettable experiences.

    Question, how did you keep your coat and tie wrinkle free ? I know the restaurants in Germany, required coat and tie. KB

  6. Going there next week. Been there lots of time.
    My favorite region in France.
    Compared to years ago the vegan options have been improving.
    Restaurants will either have vegan dishes or make one for you.
    Excellent video as always.

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