Exploring the Congress Plaza Hotel – Chicago IL

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14 thoughts on “Exploring the Congress Plaza Hotel – Chicago IL”

  1. Thank you for making this video, I was really looking forward to seeing it, and can't wait for part 2.
    I have always noticed that a lot of really old buildings have "exit" signs that say "stairs". Perhaps that is a way to distinguish fire stairs from a regular stairwell, that probably does not meet the fire requirements for being a fire stairwell, and/or does not have a clear path to the exit. I suppose times were much different back then.

  2. It does seem to be sort of a mixed bag. I have only eaten at one of the restaurants — and that was a long time ago (as in before they went on strike).

  3. I love this hotel!
    I like coming here mainly because I love to go ghost hunting here.
    The 12th floor in the north tower is supposed to be haunted and room 441 in the South tower.
    Have fun!

  4. Those little hallways that lead to the corner rooms probably were a single corner suite at one time, and they've been divided into separate rooms. The Ace Hotel in New Orleans has a similar setup. There was a door that you'd open with the magnetic key, and then inside was a small hallway with doors to two non-connected rooms. The magnetic key would only open one of them. The odd thing was that the door to the little hallway had the same lock as the room door, and it had a mechanical deadbolt that could be locked, thereby locking the people of the neighboring room out.

    That abandoned floor looks like the murder floor.

  5. VERY AWESOME HOTEL!!! Glad you got to go back and stay here!! This place is definitely pretty strange…. Several of the stairways and room hallways literally looked like service corridors or sketchy NYC Style apartment halls, and the narrow doors to the stairs make you think you're entering a closet!!!! This is definitely a really unique hotel!! It kind of reminds me of the place I stayed at in Vancouver last year, however, that place was built in 1975, so it's a lot newer, and the pool area, elevators (which were also Otis Touch), Top Floor and Service Corridors were straight out the 60s/70s, Hallways on the other hand looked very 80s/90s, and then the lobby and the bathrooms of the rooms looked ultra modern, and the rooms themselves look fairly modern, but not the latest and greatest, so it was a time warp too, but this is MUCH COOLER since it's actually a Historic Building!!! Some areas of this building look super beautiful and historic and original, others look historic and old but in a sketchy and dingy kind of way, then some areas scream the 60s such as the elevators and signs, and the hallways for the most part look like those of an 80s hotel. This place definitely does seem rundown, but if I ever make it to Chicago, I would happily stay here. For the Chicago area, the place seems to be fairly reasonably priced, and it has much more character than a luxury hotel or a high Rise business hotel, and enough character to the point I'd almost spend a quarter to half of my time exploring the place LOL!!!! GREAT VIDEO, and I can't wait to see Part 2!!!

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