Facebook Is Basically Florida. Lee Hardin

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22 thoughts on “Facebook Is Basically Florida. Lee Hardin”

  1. no pictures… no camera? seriously? surely that's a joke, but a lie… my parents have pictures of all of us in the bath tub… it is just something parents do no matter when they were born, even my parents have pictures of themselves that their parents took while they were bathing… though I'll admit they had a lot more bubbles in their baths! LOL… and we had more toys… lol… I am not sure what kind of camera they had, but going back, the film looks all vintagy now… really … all that orange and yellow and turquoise blue …. oh and that olive green from the 70s…. until the wallpaper was removed and the walls were painted a very faint color, that was blue, rose and yellow… not that anyone could tell but my mother… to use kids the walls all looked WHITE…. lol

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