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50 thoughts on “FAMILY VACATION ROUTINE (Family of 6)”

  1. omg looks fantastic! seriously looked forte village for my Hubbie and the 2 girls and the cheapest I got was €8000 for a week? Am I looking at it wrong! Jonathan throw a 50% or more discount code at me! 😂 love from Ireland.

  2. Such a beautiful family Jonathan and Anna. I must say, it seems Alessia has found her calling in life. Travelling and disco dancing. So lovely to watch them all having a fab time xx

  3. FYI. Olive trees need a subtropical climate and do best with mild winters and long, warm, and dry summers. They are sensitive to hard freezing environments.

  4. "well mommy's pregnant with twin boys"

    Emilia's face was priceless. She didn't know whether to be terrified or excited because she didn't know of he was serious or not 😂

  5. It's so funny how Andrea is all chill and Alessia has no chill (in an endearing way). they're a perfect balance. I still find it so cute that Andrea has red hair and eyebrows. He's in heaven with all the tasty carbs!

  6. I love how much alessia has grown up she’s a toddler, she talking, eating with cutlery and the biggest her personality and the bond she made with Emilia, Andrea and especially Eduardo compared to before where she didn’t even to touched by the others. She’s gorgeous and so are they others. Thank you putting the vlogs it helps when I’m having a bad day x

  7. Amazing video as always and love this 31 mins special. Looks like the kids had so much fun. Loved the holiday vlogs❤
    Love Italy and want to go now. Alessia with her siblings are hilarious and almost like Eduardos hair at the same age
    P.s what happened to poor Alessia's eye and Eduardo and Alessia's bond is so sweet. I thought they were doing magic academy and that was it. Like the look though Emillia

  8. I had the same problem with my ears when I was Edwardo’s age. I would recommend having him chew gum while the plane is taking off and landing. It helped me so much!

  9. Awww the disadvantages of being a normal height dad haha, the thing they will remember though, is you lifting them up and when they look back as adult, they will see you making the effort despite not being able to reach. To be able to have that loving, kind father, who just gives his all, no matter his limits… We should all be so lucky

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