FBI joins search for missing Chicago boy

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46 thoughts on “FBI joins search for missing Chicago boy”

  1. Mother is on opioids?
    Dad talking about he has to go get a phone ?
    What cha need a phone for ?
    You know that you are suspect !!!!
    Tell the TRUTH, Find that baby !!!!
    He's probably deceased….


  3. Heartbreaking. What must this child have gone thru his entire life?! What kind of abuse? Did he know love? Did he know happiness? These bastards that are his parents make me so angry! I hope they rot in hell…but before that, I hope their fellow inmates treat them like the bitches they both are. And wherever you are, little angel, 👼🏼 I hope you find the peace that you probably never knew. 😢

  4. Yeah don't nobody just take little white kids randomly like that. His parents killed him. They look just the Ramseys. The wife is gonna roll on the husband watch.

  5. So sad … if I see someone taking a boy or a girl And I have the opportunity to watch happen in front my eyes I will hurt this fucker with all my straight… several times … And if I were a judge I will give the maximum punishment to all kidnapers not excuse acceptable… and all school serial killers , death penalty or jail for life , so not matter how crazy or if this person said or the excuse of They hearing voices ….i will not excuse them … because it si simple we all hear voices but the choice is still yours …. so it is at the end your decision.m… I also will make sure the others inmate know why they person is in jail so they suffered what it si to be abused …oh yeah sorry god 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ USA law have to change the punishment for these crimes is not even minor…. it should be stronger…. adults are the kid voice and we are not doing our job protecting them so there is not hope for better world is we can’t protect our kids … man

  6. Well her lawyer is definitely not a $5k retainer kind of guy. I don't believe a word either parent says tbh! I'm hoping they find him safe and well but it's not looking good.

  7. I never understand when a parent says "please come home" like when its a very young child its their choice to return home, or they are somewhere watching and then gonna decide to come home when they see their parent begging on tv! Im sure the parents are guilty, I would be BEGGING for whatever Cop, Agent, Lawyer, Investigator, News Person to help, why shoo people off? Guilt… thats why! I pray they find little AJ, but I doubt it. 😇💙📿

  8. They know they killed that boy, or they would not need two lawyers, before the boy has not been found. They will tell on each other, so give a wink wink plea deal to the first, who will tell, where they dumped his body. Lawyers will not save you, even if they never find his body, so be inclined to tell the truth.

  9. Wow…… when a white kid goes missing the FBI comes guns blazing, yet black teens in the same damn city is no big deal. And people wonder why there are groups called Black Lives Matter exist. I hope they find this "child" next to Jon Benet Ramsey. Fuck them both.

  10. The couple in Texas a few months ago the dad killed a little adoptive girl but the mother didn’t know what he had done they both hired separate lawyers from the start

  11. 1.) Scent dogs and other evidence point to the child NOT having “left on foot.” Meaning he was either carried out or taken out in a vehicle. 2.) The father pleads on camera to his five year old to “come home” instead of pleading to the unknown persons that may have him to not hurt him. 3.) The parents become uncooperative and retain separate attorneys. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

  12. In my opinion the parents are involved…bc why wld u not want to speak to investigators trying to ask questions to locate your child🤔 the mom crying looks and sounds so fake …I know if my kid God forbid went missing I'd want the entire calvary involved …hell I'm even calling the UN..Nasa..the White House..everyone and anyone! and they can figure out a way to help too ..all hands on deck!

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