Feds Will Not Be Sending Undocumented Migrants To South Florida

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4 thoughts on “Feds Will Not Be Sending Undocumented Migrants To South Florida”

  1. if you are going to ruin a state , send them to CA which is a shithole literally, ruin one state CA where syringes and human waste litter the streets and homeless colonies.

  2. BECAUSE WE HAVE ENOUGH HOMELESS PEOPLE HERE, we arent taking care of our own people on the streets, what funds do we have to take care of thousands of illegals?? send them to CA and Nancy pelosi district, she can feed them ect as they make breed the new democratic voters…

  3. "Illegal aliens" is the correct term, not "illegal immigrants" or "undocumented"

    The Left has been modifying language to manipulate public opinion, over 30 years

    I'm old enough to have lived through decades of Leftist manipulation via language

    illegal aliens>illegal immigrants> undocumented immigrants>undocumented workers

    Illegal aliens harm the poorest, most

    Like 200K Puerto Ricans that are so poor due to no work aft hurricane, they have needed to move to the mainland

    Dems don't care abt them
    If they did, they would fund wall, & deport illegals

    An immigrant of any description, is one who legally emigrated
    Any non citizen in the USA illegally, is an illegal alien

    An undocumented worker
    ….. is one who showed up for his first day of work,
    … that forgot to bring his proof of citizenship papers, or proof of legal residency documents

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