Filipino street food Is CRAZY!! Salcedo Market Makati Manila 2019 – Manila Philippines Travel

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36 thoughts on “Filipino street food Is CRAZY!! Salcedo Market Makati Manila 2019 – Manila Philippines Travel”

  1. Awsome , as always. You guys, you present food I never ate and never heard before. Thank you 😊 . Economists say a street market is the best barometer of local economy showing latest tendencies . Keep on exploring Philippines πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ and keep us informed.

  2. I love how you put a conversion to the prices and most especially how "fearless and unreserved" you both are for tasting unfamiliar foods to you πŸ‘ 😊

  3. missed the weekend market. seems it is much better compared to 10 years ago.

    you just reminded me that I need to wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow/sunday morning to buy native treats outside the monastery near our place. puto, bibingka, ibos, suman, pichi-pichi, buko pie, puto bumbong, puto lanson, yummmy!
    I need to set the alarm clock because these go out fast and most likely be out of stock quick.

  4. When i lived in P.I. in the 70's…the pinay was slender but now so MANY of 'em r chunky piglets. As far as the eye can see. They r ubiquitous eating machines!

  5. And so i thought i knew more about filipino food after trying it for myself, haha guess i was wrong – theres just unbelievably crazy amount of different dishes outtherre.. im really keen to explore the ph now.. def will be hitting this market 😍

  6. rule of the thumb: if you guys are dealing with filipino foods …don't forget to consume it with rice …just to balance the taste! just a friendly reminder! =)

  7. you guys need a pilipino friend or tour guild to show you how to eat those food properly. The tofu/veggie ball was suppose to be dipped in sauce.

  8. its better with RICE that ginataan puso ng saging i havent had one in 20 yrs (lived in States) Im coming home next month and will try this place thanks a lot.

  9. Here's some translation to help you:

    Puso – Heart
    Saging – Banana

    We call it PUSO NG SAGING. This is a main dish usually eaten together with a rice, which is a staple food here in Philippines.

    Bibingka – A dessert very common during "BER" months. (septemBER, octoBER, novemBER, decemBER) Usually paired with a tea.

    Tsaa – Tea

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