FINALLY on VACATION…☀️The LAST Florida Grocery Haul ☀️ Target and Costco

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44 thoughts on “FINALLY on VACATION…☀️The LAST Florida Grocery Haul ☀️ Target and Costco”

  1. I really love watching your videos Fudgies!! I love you for being so organized kind of mom! Lots of Love from the Philippines!!! ❤❤❤ would love u much more if u pin this fudgies…😊😊😊

  2. Not trying to be mean because I absolutely love your channel
    but I have a question

    Why do you say the Mickey apples are really cute even though all the Mickey it has on it is the apple sticker and the package?


  3. Your videos give me ideas for my own lunches and I love how thorough you are in planning things! I also feel like I have watched Griffin grow up and it’s exciting to hear him participate in the shopping rules speech! Lol he’s getting so old! If you could do a lunch video for meal prep to help college students or school teachers that would be so amazing! Since I am in college and about to be a teacher, i don’t have a lot of time in the morning to put things together.

  4. In my opinion your family is the type of family that calls 3$ expensive, I think if your going to a very very fun field trip you should treat yourself for example if your kids want a 5-15$ beignet (I think it costs that much) you’ll just say “we have snacks in the car, we can go eat later”

  5. I am a new subbie and I love your channel. I too am a mom of two who travel with my kids and you are helping me find ways to feed them on the road. You are awesome!!

  6. Omg long time no see of the goofy snacks! They used to carry them at our Walmart and stopped and apparently they are new to you! My sis and me always thought goofy was the best cuz we loveeeee carrots and cheese and PRETZELS!

  7. I really like your channel because you're such a good mother Jennifer! You usually post daily videos, not only about lunches, but about fun activities you do with your family. You also take in mind about your subscribers suggestions, specifically in your subscriber lunch videos! Love you family fudge! 😊❤

  8. Not sure if this is your usual content but could you talk about how you saved money on this long vacation/extended stay? Specifically things like car rental. (I assume you needed one.)

  9. Me and my family literally just came back from Disney world! If you do end up eating out for a day I would strongly suggest Ohana in the Polynesian resort. It was the best meal I’ve ever had!

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