Finn & Georgia Drama Continues | First Dates Hotel

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15 thoughts on “Finn & Georgia Drama Continues | First Dates Hotel”

  1. She is saying yes before he has even finished what he was saying, she just wants a ring on her finger, and pop a few out and then she gonna show her true self hidden below that temporary physical appearance. LOL. Not to mention they advertising each other to each other as if they are selling things on eBay and the main reasons she mentions she wants to stay is for all the wrong reasons.. "georgia and fin sounds good for a wedding" PMSL!! I been in this trap before, poor guy!!! He got medusa in front of him lmao. He gonna realise he FCKED up when its too late and he got loans, debt, mortgage, kids, house and a legal marriage certificate. LMAOOOO. poor guy, RUN FOR THE HILLS and don't look back! The perfect girl is not exactly someone who comes and knocks on your door and then ends up on your bed selling herself as an eBay product when you's are still only strangers with lust. PMSL. this generation. FCUK ME hahaha.

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