First Class Train Travel NIGHTMARE! Everything Went Wrong 😭 (Copenhagen to Stockholm, Sweden)

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48 thoughts on “First Class Train Travel NIGHTMARE! Everything Went Wrong 😭 (Copenhagen to Stockholm, Sweden)”

  1. I did a round trip Stockholm /Copenhagen, and each way there was a delay. There was some sort of maintenance thing. Plus, this was about 3-4 years ago when they added extra security between Denmark and Sweden. My trips still went pretty smooth, once we got past Malmö’s security check.

  2. Ohhh bless you guys! We completely understand what you went through, we get some rough travel days too. By the way, did they compensate your ticket at all since you paid more money for FIRST CLASS? On the positive side, your airbnb looks lovely and glad to hear that you got a very accommodating host! Cheers!
    Micha & Justina

  3. From the comments below from Scandinavian adventurers, it comes as a shock to me how poor the rail network system seems to be across the countries, given that all we foreigners think that these places are second-to-none in service and delivery. UK guy.

  4. How ironic. The Europeans are always carping that their train systems are much more superior to Amtrak. You showed that to be a lie. At least on Amtrak you will be guaranteed a seat. I've rode Amtrak about 25 times through the years and have never been forced to stand in the dining car.

  5. That's what I really like about you guys, you show it as it is. Many Youtubers will only show the bright and glamorous side of travels, so it's refreshing to see you showing how it sometimes can turn out way less glamorous 😉
    And as others have said, you really ought to get a refund for that, it's just plain robbery this way.

  6. I'm glad you were able to get a refund for the first class tickets. I've heard that the bracelet for motion sickness works well. You might want to give it a try. Take care and I'll be looking forward to your next vlog. 😊

  7. Allison..have you tried the wrist bands? They apply acupressure and help with motion sickness. Do you want me to send you some? Don't go along feeling ill… poor thing

  8. I was in Freiburg Germany heading to Brussels. Made it from Freiburg to cologne . Same issue as y’all in cologne train broke down and no one knew what to do . They got us a double decker bus and it took additional three hours . Got to Brussels then took the train from Brussels midi to close by the airport. Took a bus to our Airbnb got in at 10pm … so there you go

  9. Y’all have to get some zofran. It’s prescription but they have 8mg dissolvable tablets and they work like a charm with absolutely no drowsiness. We cruise all the time and we only have to use em sometimes when weather is bad but they are amazing.

  10. Goodness me you guys!!! I’m glad you’ve finally made it! Honestly I am!! But I would have never had the patience for that! 🙁 I feel so bad for Alison! She got so sick! Bless her! I hope you guys had fun or are having fun in Sweden! 🇸🇪

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