First Impressions of VANCOUVER + FIRST 48 HOURS | Vancouver Travel vlog

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35 thoughts on “First Impressions of VANCOUVER + FIRST 48 HOURS | Vancouver Travel vlog”

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  2. I think you really captured the feel of the city well. If you grew up in Vancouver, its so easy to still think that it's a small, slow city, so it's always so nice to see a non-native's (differently biased) perspective.

  3. I am from San Francisco and when I visited Vancouver last year, I also had that familiar feeling and yet refreshingly different. I really enjoyed the diversity of culture there and the fresh air. Hope you get to come to San Francisco again soon. Thanks for another great video. Safe travel.

  4. Lovely to see you experiencing my city – and I was chuckling at all of your distractions while still touting your luggage around. That Granville Street strip was the main entertainment district for decades – movie theaters (Orpheum, Vogue, and Studio were just three of these), night clubs, eateries, shops. It's very different now from what it was but still has allure. Alas you were there when the weather wasn't great – from April on it's been mostly beautiful so I hope you return during a warmer time to explore more (and I would recommend May as being a really good month overall as summers can be challenging).

  5. You experienced a lot in 48 hours in Vancouver Christine. I hope I have the same experience when I go to Montreal in July. I cannot wait to see more of Vancouver.

  6. Great video, Vancouver looks WOW!! With the beautiful downtown and the fantastic wildlife so close by and looks so easy to get around, I'd love to see Canada for myself but I'll need to make do with your videos for now lol, great job

  7. Great video! Looks like you were around a few months ago. I'd just add that the credit card tap for transit is not 100% there yet, it can sometimes over charge you so good thing u got a compass card.

  8. Welcome to my city .. North Vancouver actually hopefully you were able to get to Lynn valley suspension bridge (Free)in my backyard. Looked rather grey too bad. But that's Vancity.Good to see you showed the good and bad sides. But so wet….

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