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46 thoughts on “FIRST TIME I Travel The Philippines With WIL DASOVICH | New FIGHTER BOY”

  1. I recall that small earthquake you mentioned when you greeted Wil at the Tacloban airport in Leyte. I wonder if that was a foreshock to the bigger one that struck Samar later on.

  2. Kulas pls make a vid of how did the fighter boys started. From the 1st meet ups to 1st collaboration w/ other members. I (new fan) would love to know the whole story. PlssssssπŸ™πŸΌ

  3. Kulas, thanks for visiting & featuring the beauty of Samar & the San Juanico bridge that connects Samar and Leyte!!!
    The Baduya you ate is not actually made out of sticky rice but of Ube/purple yum or with mix of Ube and sweet potato + flour. Something like that 😁. That one delicacy you cannot find in Manila.

    Samar is Caving capital of the Philippines. An interesting add-ons to your list of adventures. πŸ˜πŸ‘

    One Samarnon here but damn! I envy you for you have already seen much of Samar than I do.

    But thanks to you, the sceneries which I wanted to capture and to share to others but for my eyes only, are now on your awesome blogs!!


    But there is one/some things you habe missed in San Juanico. You can actually do a short/quick stop over on the bridge and there used to be whirlpoolssss on the San Juanico Straight but are gone now a days. It was then scary to see these whirlpoolsss but at the same time awesome.


  4. You are really the father of fighterboys,you drove hours just to fetch Wil on the always makes things possible and even the impossible will turn to possible yeah its you Kulas the founder of #Fighterboys and i love you more for the fighterboys 2.0 😘😘😘😘😘

  5. Power On boys. Very nice of you Kyle picking up Wil from Tacloban Airport. That's a long way from Borongan. My home village just near San Juanico bridge. We walked across and back when I was a kid. I grow up there, now I lived in Sydney. Also climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge a few times. I loved the height. Anyway, you all have a safe and enjoyable stay in Samar.

  6. 3:32.. these folks scares the hellaout me.. like u must be so dumb to be driving without helmet on. Accidents could happen in just 1/8 of a second..head trauma is inevitable and without helmet on, the trauma could be more profound. Good vlog, Kulaz!

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