FIRST TIME in TAIWAN! — Taipei Travel Street Photography

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20 thoughts on “FIRST TIME in TAIWAN! — Taipei Travel Street Photography”

  1. Wow…where to start!? Awesome to see a bit of home through your eyes. The scene with the umbrella at 3:39, nailed it! You summed up Taipei when you said it’s a street photographer’s paradise, truly is. I’m ready to head back out and go shooting right now. -Taipei sends its best to you, Elly and Bonnie!

  2. Hello Joe and Elly, yes I know what you mean about the rain, it just adds so much more opportunities, the streets look brilliant,

    real life street photos love that, so all going well here, and roll on Sunday, take care you guys, and thanks for so much, I have
    taken on board as much as I can, all the best catch up soon.

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