FIRST time PUERTO PRINCESA Palawan Philippines 2019 – Manila to Puerto Princesa – PH travel vlog

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49 thoughts on “FIRST time PUERTO PRINCESA Palawan Philippines 2019 – Manila to Puerto Princesa – PH travel vlog”

  1. I can feel the warmth through this video! Looks like a beautiful location. Akane and I had to look it up to see where it's located. I've been to a hostel in Puerto Rico where I had the water surprise it had water, but it was cold – which was a surprise to us. Plus there was no place to cook anything – which was also a surprise for us based on the description!

  2. The two essential Ws…water and WiFi! Crikey and I thought the screaming kids at the beginning was a challenge! The island looks amazing, really appreciate you guys sweating just to show us around! Awesome vlog, catch you on the next😎👍💕

  3. Hey Guys, that video was HOT…and sweaty. LOL Looks like they need to change the window on the plane you were on. 🙃 Any time we have to stay somewhere other than the RV, we look for Best Westerns first. Too bad about the Airbnb.

  4. We havent had a chance to check out your vlog lately. You guys are killing it in the Philippines! Philippinos love the YouTube. I really wish we spent more time there. Keep it up!! Woohoo!

  5. Love this video and it did look ridiculously hot . I hope she realises she is a very lucky lady . You moved to a beautiful hotel wow she is punching fella lol loving the Philippines 🇵🇭 so far and looks so friendly and cheap too .’cheers z👍😀

  6. Go to crocodile farm… All accommodations are based on the price/cost, don't be fooled with cheap accommodations with lots of ads. The secret to enjoy the Philippines is to get to mingle with the local people…you'll experience the happiness of life…

  7. Date night at the Stella! Lovely! Even got a massage in there. Those are always a must for us when traveling. This place looks nicer than El Nido. We had to cut it from our itinerary but definitely next time!

  8. Love those tricycles! Ha ha. U guys upgraded the digs. "Such a posh get on ya"!! 😂😂 love that! Hey it is not real traveling unless you've had an Airbnb mishap! Gotta be willing to take the risks to find the deals!

  9. Haha – not being fussy, but water and wifi are essential – just sorry that you had to pay 4x your Airbnb to get them! Yikes!
    I feel you with that heat too – I'm bloody terrible with the heat so I'm very impressed with you guys! – Bek x
    P.S. Totally getting myself a flannel for the heat next time

  10. Ah man not having wi fi when it is advertised of having wi fi is a disaster… But hey then you get upgraded to a lovely hotel instead. Puerto Princesa looks pretty sweet but I can feel the heat and its winter here in New Zealand. Get me my sweat rag!

  11. So nice both of you island hopping enjoy Palawan there is a lot of island still that haven't been seen yet on TV and with YouTube I've seen lots of island that hasn't been advertised so go explore as much

  12. ""Nobody here"" because the local wants to surprise you but you arrive early.
    They prepare music and band… Hehehe
    Always bring Water and buy a portable rechargeable mini electric fan.

  13. I like that you took the time to explore the city of Puerto Princesa. I visited there few years ago and everywhere you go looks very familiar. I could imagine the heat but you guys were game enough to venture out and sweat it out. Here's to more adventure!

  14. There are lots of places to see in puerto princesa.. several nice beaches, baker’s hill, underground river, mitra ranch, etc.. enjoy the rest of up ur stay in the islands!

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