Flamingo Shoes | Loading Time – LRR in Chicago Part 2

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46 thoughts on “Flamingo Shoes | Loading Time – LRR in Chicago Part 2”

  1. I think about buying one of those mystery boxes every time i see them at a con, not because i think they are value just because im curious whats in them. thanks to you now i don't have to ever buy one.

  2. 3:33 Bounty Hunters. IN SPACE!! With Jazz Music!!

    Nothing beats the classics. ^_^

    Ian's gonna suffer food poisoning from that filthy gift/credit card knife stunt he just pulled.

    Best wash it down with whiskey.

  3. Uhh.. Ian, you may want to close that credit card, seeing as you just showed off both sides of it on the internet. I know it says debit card, so I'm assuming it's probably one of those branded all-purpose gift cards, and might already have had the money on it spent, but if someone uses it, they charge may go through anyway and then Visa might hold you liable for the charges.

  4. 10:19 really depends on HOW much sugar and what kind we are talking about. Amidst other reasons the high amount of sugar in honey is contributing to it not spoiling.

    And honey can be used to actually sterilize small wounds.

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