Flight Transfer at Doha Airport (Hamad International Airport) – How to walk to a connection flight

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33 thoughts on “Flight Transfer at Doha Airport (Hamad International Airport) – How to walk to a connection flight”

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  2. Hey, loved your video I have a 45min connecting flight from Bangkok, is there enough time to make this connection provided the arrival is on time? will they put the arrival gate and departure gate close to one another ? im so worried i miss it as its my first time at Doha airport

  3. Awful security control…they only looking for liquids inside your cabin luggage. Definitely only a mineral water left inside my cabin luggage. They will seize all off it. Tricky policy in order to raise their profit airport retailer. All about business. Come on…Not all passengers are wealths. Passengers need to anticipate.

  4. I missed my connection at Doha due to my first flight landing late. Noone told me how long it would take to walk from one end of the airport to the other it was my first time at Doha ended up costing me an extra $800 to flight later that day( Qatar would not just rebook me in a later flight, even thought that fight, was not fully booked.. I also missed a connection flight in Ukraine. Then Ukraine Airlines in formed me that due to missing my connection they were cancelling my return with them in three weeks as well . Not the best experience .
    My advice is don't book short transfer/ layover times unless your very familiar with the airport.

  5. i have some questions for you sir. İ have a flight from istanbul>Doha>sydney when i board the plane in istanbul will they give me the boarding pass for my connecting flight to sydney aswell or do i have to recheck? im flying with qatar

  6. Thank you for a in depth video of the airport i am a first time solo traveller from Cardiff to Sri lanka in December and have a 2 hour time limit out and 1 hour 15 mins back hopefully i won't get lost will not be so nervous now i can see what is ahead of me thanks again 🙂😎

  7. thanks for the video, we will fly next year from frankfurt main via doha to singapur and your videoquality and form is very good and fancy but 1 question, wich videocamera do you use, i think sony ax53 or panasonic vxf111, am i right?
    greetings from heidelberg, germany.

  8. Its seems a long walk just going to immigration gate … then i assume same distance to get into my connection gate .. i only have 1:55 min layover and i want to enjoy the scenery of the airport and visit Qatar lounge to refresh myself

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