Florida Teen Arrested, Joked Treated As Mass Shooting Threat

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35 thoughts on “Florida Teen Arrested, Joked Treated As Mass Shooting Threat”

  1. Policing edgy or dark internet comments and jokes won’t stop mass shootings. Ending fatherlessness/single motherhood, detecting untreated mental illnesses, ending the thug/eye for an eye culture, ceasing the nationalizing of mass shooting etc. will stop them.

  2. I don't mind trump but the statement about mental health is the wrong approach. Your basically accusing mental illness for this problem making it impossible for people who actually suffer mental illness to get help. This young man is perfectly healthy without mental issues. Crime rates for people with mental illness are only 5% compared to 95% of all crimes are normal people with no issues other than stupidity and selfishness. Its kinda like the pedophile scenario. People who suffer this illness where they are attracted to kids are afraid to open up about it to receive treatment and get help from the community because this problem, you can be born with without asking to have an attracted preference to a specific age group. It just happens. But people hate you before you even committed the sex crime thus making it impossible to identify people with the illness because they keep it all off public records and don't seek support. I suffer from sever PTSD and depression and I never make any stupid fucked up threats because I love and care about others. Crimes happens for other reasons. Not mental health. https://www.mentalhealth.gov/basics/mental-health-myths-facts US GOVERNMENT Organization supports my claims.

  3. Police and school administrators don;t have the PRIVILEGE OF DECIDING WHICH THREATS THEY WILL IGNORE!!! Parents who don't teach their kids, and watch their kids, end up PAYING BAIL FOR THEIR KIDS!!!

  4. White terrorism is real….sadly a lot of whites get upset about the truth and point the direction to blacks. but its due to mental health. Whites make up 63.3% of mental issue in the US..I think the only way to solve a issue is to make detention centers to keep them out the public until they seek mental help until they are pronounce safe to be back in public.

  5. Funny that the infamous and most often used verbal threat "i pop a cap in yo asss" comes from the hood.
    Why is CBSNYC going out of state for these stories?
    I hear real gun shots aimed at real people virtually on a nightly basis out of my Brooklyn window

  6. #1 Most schools punish students for physical as well as verbal threats. The kid should know better.
    #2 There were two mass shootings recently. Common sense says not to even joke about it.
    #3 Xbox, PlayStation and other platforms make you AGREE TO TERMS TO NOT DO THESE THINGS!!
    #4 Gaming platforms monitor people and give penalties for foul language alone, why threat?
    #5 The mom is a enabler. She stays in denial. I understand you're shock, going to be embarrassed, and going to feel ashamed that your son will now be label for this for a long time. But being an enabler is not healthy for him!

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