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  1. So interesting to hear this perspective since I don't have to go through it. Americans still primarily use cash according to news reports I have read, but I almost always use debit cards. When I get cash, I rarely go to an ATM but almost always just get cash at a store when buying something else which has no fees. At Disney, since we are on site we just link our Magicbands.

  2. Some great tips Luke and Rich. We use the Post Office Mastercard and take some cash too for tolls and general bits and pieces.
    For travel money we use the Martin Lewis Travel Money checker , we have always found the rates to be better for us than locally. Not sure if you have seen that?

  3. Great tips guys hope your enjoying your holiday, we always use Revolut but starling looks really good I just have one question what is the exchange is really low at the time is that the rate you get ? X

  4. Very helpful! I work in a bank and FSCS was a big one for me. I’m relieved to hear Starling is protected. Also as I deal with insurance and it’s so right to check policy documents as mine is covered for 500 cash. Thank you very informative xxx

  5. I LOVE this. Us English hate talking about money. Which is awful in my eyes. We should all talk about money, how we spend, how we save. I was in the US, and 4 cards were refused in one restaurant, was awful. Because they were swiping it, instead of chip and pin. So each of my cards were refused because it hated being swiped.

  6. Love Starling, you have the option to have different saving pots within your current account, so you can squirrel money away so you don’t spend by accident , so there’s no need to open a separate savings account unlike normal banks 👍🏼😃 plus zero fees overseas

  7. Interesting upload! We use cash & Santander credit card, the site allows you to unlock/lock your card for international destinations, we only use the card for hotel deposit or mibi outlet & mall purchases. Cash for Walmart/Dennys. We’re on dining plan also so we don’t really use much else.

    Also props to Martin Lewis, I trust his advise too!

  8. First time using a currency card this year and it’s Revolut, their app already annoys me but I’m hoping when I start using it on our trip that I’ll get the hang of it.

  9. It might be worth noting that the aqua Reward Credit Card has 0.5% cashback (up to £100 per year) and has no international transaction fees and earns cashback abroad too. It’s a MasterCard so you benefit from their great exchange rates too.

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