Florida 'Traveling Trash Men' Visit Baltimore To Help Clean Up Trash

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8 thoughts on “Florida 'Traveling Trash Men' Visit Baltimore To Help Clean Up Trash”

  1. The people of West Baltimore are pathetic. They are the ones who created the shithole they live in, yet they don't get off their black asses and clean up their own neighborHOODS!

  2. These guys are so far past reason that they think garbage disposal has become philanthropy. Goodness gracious, Scott Pressler and MAGA people picking up the trash is charity, you boneheads. The inaction of the pols is CORRUPTION.

  3. I agree with C4, I don't like how the city leaders, critics, and many Baltimoreans have been reacting to traveling cleanup crews. Baltimore should build upon this to unify the city and possibly reduce crime.

  4. Baltimoreans needs to throw an election and vote Republican to clean house with the city government which has been plagued by Democrats to teach them a lesson for taking this city for granted.

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