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42 thoughts on “FLORIDA VACATION VLOG | James and Carys”

  1. You have to go to Disney !! 😭 the fire works at magic kingdom are life changing – we’ve just got back from two weeks and honestly I’d do anything to see them again – Animal Kjngdom is also incredible.
    The rivers of light show at Animal Kingdom is mesmerising!
    Make sure you stay for the light show in universal as well because that’s so good!!

  2. Loving these vlogs! I went to Vegas in May and I’ve fallen in love with America asked my boyf to go back for my 25th next June and this is great giving us ideas where to go! Looks like you’re both having the best time ! 💖💖

  3. Haha yeah so Walmart loves to build 100 registers and only use five of them. Common problem here we still can't figure it out. Same here in NY … Glad u feel the pain 😂

  4. Lollll you guys discovering American things for the first time is so entertaining. You had me second guessing how to say chick fil a! Yes Walmart is the WORST. So stressful. You two are so adorable. Love you both!

  5. Me and my boyfriend went to Walmart in Arizona when we were on holiday seeing the Grand Canyon etc and it was SO scary so many people had guns walking round and we were just there like 😳😳😳😳 not something you would see in Tesco lols! Loving the vlogs xx

  6. the Walmart in Orlando are crazy. I was there at christmas and we went at like 11pm thinking it will chill, it seemed as if a zombie apocalypse was looming over everyone and everyone as rushing to get supplies. INSANE

  7. This is when I seen you guys 😭😭 right when you were taking a picture for Carys insta. I regret not coming to talk to you guys but I was nervous! 😬 I loved Florida. My husband and I went on the parasailing tour right in that strip you guys were in! Hope you guys are having a blast.

  8. Wow, you guys look like you are having a blast. Love being taken along with for the ride 🙂 Go Pro footage is amazing by the way. Cant wait to see universal and the rest your adventure. Wooohooooo!!!!! IG – kylie_ifbb_fitness

  9. This probably won’t be something you’re interested in filming, but just in case !! Could you film a video about how you booked the whole thing and organised it? I have a weird feeling you’ve mentioned doing that in your last vlog but I’m really confused all of a sudden😂

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