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41 thoughts on “FLORIDA VLOGS 2017 | TRAVEL DAY”

  1. I've already watched these vlogs but love them Soo much
    when I last watched them I wasn't going Disney world and now I am (October 19) and I'm also staying at the Caribbean beach resort! So excited especially watching these vlogs ❤️

  2. I am new to your channel. I am looking forward watching your Disney vacation series. I have a quick question. All UK vloggers speak about being excited water pressure in the showers in the 🇺🇸. I have only stayed in hotels while in the 🇬🇧 and the water pressure had been fine. In homes in the UK is the water pressure bad? Sorry for the question but have always been curious. 😊

  3. Hey guys, great vlogs! Definitely subscribed! I've just got back from my Disney World trip in which I filmed and have just uploaded so if any one would like to check them out please do, I'll be forever grateful. I also have a trip to Disney Paris for Halloween again, I'll be vlogging so subscribe to see them! Thanks pals

  4. You’re talking about the film The Aristocats? Hope I’m not wrong, that would be embarrassing! One of my favourites! I just came here from Jade’s vlog, soooo pleased I found you! Xx

  5. I’ve just found your channel and can I just say that you two are so adorable! We are going to Disney in under 2 weeks and I’m pretty sure we are going to be just as excited as you guys! Eek!
    Watching your Vlog made me smile! You both look so so happy!

  6. First started watching your vlogs when we were 400 days away from our holiday now we’re 200 days away exact wow how time flys love the vlogs guys!!!!

  7. Just found your channel and wonnder why it has taken me so long!!! I live in a little rural town in New York State, right on the stateline between New York and Pennsylvania. I am considered to be "upstate" from the city. The city is about 300 miles from me. Ok so you know where I am, now a little about me. I am a recent widow..my husband passed at a very early age a year and a half ago. I have 3 children, 2 girls and a boy, all grown with families of their own. I have 8 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren! Makes me sound old but I am not…at least on the inside! I love everything Disney and am considered a Disney Fanatic by my family! I have been going to Disney every year for the last 20 years and love it! My next trip is in September of 2018! I will be going with my son and daughter-in-law.
    You both seem so much in love and I am so happy for you both! I am excited to meet new people and am looking forward to your vlogs!!!

  8. For one your absolutely beautiful! And I love y'alls channel y'all are so sweet. I live in Arkansas in the states which is home to Walmart I love watching Brits in WM so cute it's just a normal place for us.

  9. Very very late to the game but this is exactly what I do/will do. Take home a stack load of water flavourings and am planning to try Halo Top next time. We have Oppo now in the UK though (which Waitrose stock) that's pretty delicious.

  10. We have watched all of your Disney vlogs (and others) already.. But I've decided I need to re-watch them all again!! We don't go again until next September, already sooooo excited but it's so far away! Love your vlogs & Chip is the cutest!

  11. Sorry I know this is an old video but I'm back on the binge watching… you are the sweetest couple! I honestly don't think you have a bad bone in either of you! You did amazing with the jet lag 👍🏻

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