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48 thoughts on “FOR $500: PETER GOES TO LAS VEGAS”

  1. Wait so your saying you couldn't figure out how to advertise for $500. WTF why did Vice hire you? Advertising is Free
    Things you missed out checking out in Vegas:

    * The rising underground video game tournaments that play for money.
    * The shoplifting epidemic that has visibly closed down shops and moved them away.
    * The Hotel of Drug dealers, stationed around the art district
    * The Pinball Musuem trying to buy its way to the strip
    * The traffic light system malfunctioning in poor neighborhoods causing car crashes, with no one fixing them.

    These are just a college kids with no motivation to tell any truth, go to vegas and goes straight to the strip when he just had to go a block away to find any story.

  2. How would you expect to make any money what so ever when when spend over 400$ on useless shit. No one gives a shit about your hair or clothes in Vegas, if anything when you go out of your way to dress like that you look like an easily scammable tourist

  3. So I liked the commentator until I noticed at the end when he said he only lost $15 and the women realized this guy was an idiot and that's when I hit the dislike button. Burned all that fossil fuel and wasted people's time over $15

  4. What a moron, goes to vegas and bets on a slot machine… you have better odds playing roulette!
    was given $500 to go to vegas and wastes most of it on useless goods and services like a suit, haircut and briefcase pizza. Vice chose poorly on the "journalist" to create content. Someone with an actual personality would have been more entertaining and creative.

  5. It is not illegal to film gambling. It is up to the house to allow it in their building (trade secrets, machine IP, etc.). I have filmed, with permission, in Nevada and California. Anyone who tells you it is illegal is trying to intimidate you and they know they can't enforce it most of the time.

  6. I'm halfway through this video and I already regret watching more than 10 seconds. This video is pointless and im suprised vice hasn't realized they fell off hard. Time to unsubscribe

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