Former Adult Film Star Jenni Lee Found Living In Las Vegas Tunnel.

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33 thoughts on “Former Adult Film Star Jenni Lee Found Living In Las Vegas Tunnel.”

  1. Being homeless is a hard life. Most of the time it's drug addiction or mental illness that gets people there. You can try to help these folks as much as you want but until they change their mental wiring and lifestyle choices they will never leave the situation they have created for themselves. It is rough!

  2. The comment section is full sad and happy people I think people who love porn are sad and people who hate porn feel good and happy about this, please comment why do you feel happy or sad about this

  3. Holy shit this breaks my fucking heart, the rationalisations she makes is ridiculous. She's not happy down there, she's not happy in her life, she almost fucking breaks down and pushes the smile, what the fuck is going on? I want to hug these hoes, but the problem is that they don't want to be hugged, any time you show sluts and hoes some respect, they take it for granted, they only respond to being treated like how they treat other people.

  4. Use your brains people, she is 36 no that old yet, so why she can't work in industry any more? Most probably she caught somthing bad and incurable, maybe hiv.

  5. she still looks great to be fair to here. i wonder what happened to her for her to fall on such hard times. i've heard really atrocious things about the pornography industry and how internet free porn exploits the performers (as they don't get the proper buyouts they are owed), and probably due to her job and maybe other reasons it was hard for her to hold down a relationship. sad, very sad.

  6. Who wants to live in the shitty desert anyway? I've always pondered why Israel has been contested land for so many years, but has anyone ever stopped and asked, "Why are we fighting over a shitty desert? Is that really god's 'chosen land' for his 'chosen people,' a shitty ass desert?" Seriously, deserts suck and I don't know why anyone would want to live in one. Maybe that's why desert-dwelling people seem so temperamental and generally fucked up.

  7. I dunno
    I agree with her about the lack of genuine people in the world as well as a few other points she made. This can tragically effect men and women ( although more men obviously). Its nothing to be celebrated.

  8. I dont feel bad for people in these types of circumstances, men or women. You are a product of the decisions you make in life. I just see it as an extension of natural selection and general laziness.

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