Fraternity Vacation (1985) FULL MOVIE

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35 thoughts on “Fraternity Vacation (1985) FULL MOVIE”

  1. Marcy D'arcy's father is an idiot. He walks into the restaurant and sees Wendell sitting there and calls him a rapist. He picks him up like a rag doll and throws him out. He's the fkn' chief of police so he obviously knows when that fat lady dropped the charges that he didn't try to frigin' rape her and that he simply fell from the roof. Wtf?, lol. ……80's B movies were the best though!

  2. I was 14 yrs old when this released in 1985. One of my favorite 80s teen movies. I watched this on cable tv a lot. Just One of the Guys was really good to.
    Karate Kid (Bananarama – Cruel Summer playing on this move to).
    That was a hot song bavk in 84' – 85'
    You have to remember this was about one year after Beat Street (1984 and yes i saw itvin theater to).

  3. I hate to break it to you but the girl there betting a thousand dollars against to bang her first she isn't a girl.its 100% a transgender man.beyond all reasonable doubt,pay attention to the no hips high belly button shoulders it's a painted man with tit enplants,you have to understand Hollywood is twisted like that and thinks it's funny that they can fool you just like Marcy dating Wendell she's a lesbian in real life

  4. Yes the 80s were great it was a time we're America was asleep allowing the total infiltration of our communities and County to be taken over by pedophile Psychopaths, which now are in every single branch of government and our institutions courts schools colleges and universities and healthcare and economics these madmen satanic sick fucks control it all were they ain't teaching true knowledge there brainwashing the students to become good little socialist debtors and they have destroyed our very FOUNDATION killed it through tv Hollywood and the music industry and sports which they control and use it as a weapon they have taken out the LordGod out of everything and implanted there God Satan and thanks to the 80s where in a hell

  5. 40 year old fraternity brothers…marcy darcy the chicken…she has no breasts in this either…only in the late 80's was gymnastics considered a sport..thank god the yuppie douchebag has dissapeared

  6. as a teen in the 90s, I loved movies, 80s movies, ,,they showed tits,ass ,sex scenes. ….got a luv it. ….90s also……love that shit….rated r, for raunchy. …used to get magazine and Jack off to the girls…hahahahhahahahahah… this shit. ……hahaha…..beautiful times they were. …didn't care about nothing but ass and tits …hahahahah……yea .

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