FREE & FEARLESS LIFE -E48- Hello Dallas, Texas!

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6 thoughts on “FREE & FEARLESS LIFE -E48- Hello Dallas, Texas!”

  1. I love it! From Denver to Dallas! This is becoming quite the adventure. I believe you can get access to We Work spaces using an American Express Gold Business Card. It comes with other perks too. You can use it as a charge card (pay it off like a Debit Card) or a credit card (your choice.) Research business credit because it doesn't impact your personal credit. What you felt was your inner spirit telling you not to go back to your old life. However, the not having a uniform is not an excuse. You can go to Walmart, a thrift store (some will give you the clothes for free), or an organization to help women get back on their feet in the work place. Your spirit is really just telling you that this free and fearless journey is the right path so listen. Get the hell of out Dallas ASAP. Where are we going next??? Try New Mexico.

  2. Wow. I'm so sorry Te. I thought it would be a good thing for you but maybe the universe has better things in store. Just know that everything ALWAYS works out for you and you will be provided what you want and need. 🙏

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