Fujitec Destination Dispatch Elevators (23-40) at Bank of America Plaza in Dallas, TX

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24 thoughts on “Fujitec Destination Dispatch Elevators (23-40) at Bank of America Plaza in Dallas, TX”

  1. in erie pa at boscov's we have a schindler 6400na with schindler mad vs moon and in macys it has an otis lexan and in jc penneys they have an otis lexan modded in the 90s with sellar elevator and can you take a hotel tour of the bayfront mariott hotel and it has elevator witch are schindler ht 321a and at the arthur f schultz of of west 26th and cascade it has a original otis lexan with an epic motor and classic leveling.

  2. Hey dieselducy, here in Indianapolis, Indiana, in the downtown area, there is a fine pair of hi and low rise elevators in the 34 Story, JW Marriott. I haven’t been there in a while, but last time I checked they had Kone’s with Innovation Prestige fixtures. You should really check them out.

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