Fukuoka Japan Travel Vlog (Part 1): Yatai, Umi no Nakamichi, Ichiran Ramen Main Shop

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20 thoughts on “Fukuoka Japan Travel Vlog (Part 1): Yatai, Umi no Nakamichi, Ichiran Ramen Main Shop”

  1. I fell in love with this travel vlog. It's very detailed. Love the way you edited it as well. I enjoyed watching the part where you were at the park. Also the food looked great! I got hungry while watching it! 😅
    Looking forward for the 2nd part of this travel vlog! ✌️

  2. Hi I found your channel from Reddit! Good job on the video. I have a travel channel as well and love seeing other creators travel videos. Keep up the good work on the channel. You just got a new subscriber!

  3. Kudos to this well edited travel vlog twinnie!

    Can I just say na medyo nastress pa lang ako habang nanunod. Japan, though my dreamdestination, i find it overwhelming. Like the language and the place. Iniisip ko pa lang feeling ko mawawala na ako, unwisely spend on something at magugutom. Ang hulaan mo why I feel these things?? Haha.

    Buti nakakapag vlog ka maayos. Siguro ako maooverwhelm ako sa dami ng gusto ko makita. At ang ganda din ng park para maglakad lakad. Yung burning bushes twinnie! Like gusto ko nun magtanim hahaha.

    Ang swerte niyo like autumn to no? No sweat kahit yata nasa arawan. Nastress ako dun sa nilalabas yung pera sa vendo baka kung ako yun magpanic na ako. Buti talaga me english voice at caption.
    I would love to try everything you ate esp yung ramen and parang ang saya ng ng convenience stores nila compared sa atin. The salmon onigiri at yung dessert. Goodness parang nalalasahan ko.

    Okay lang ba to take videos inside the ramen shop or places where youve been to?

    That cup holder! Ang cute! Grabe one day pa lang to parang ke dami ng nangyare.

    Twinnie, me tanong ako. Yung bilog na profile mo sa end ng video. How do you put that?

  4. Fukuoka is so beautiful!🤩 Your video is so many good food 🤤 Sushi salmon is my fav 🍣 and the flower garden have an amazing view with beautiful flowers 😭 I love all the flower 🌸🌸 hope can visit there one fine day ❤️❤️ And the halloween cup sleeve way too cute 🥺 anyway I really enjoy your Japan vlog, it was really so nice 💖💖 See you again on your next vlog 🤗 have a nice day~~

  5. Hotels in Japan are really clean

    Do you like convenience stores? I also like Japanese convenience stores

    You ate ramen?? You look really hungry

    It looks delicious. I want to eat ㅠㅠ
    I felt like I traveled to Japan thanks to you
    Have a great weekend dear my friend ~^ㅡ^

  6. WOW! I absolutely love your way of storytelling!!! I was so excited for this vlog based on the last montage you posted, and it definitely did not disappoint! Have you been to Japan before? You both seem like you really knew your way around. Loved that you included a little room tour of the hotel room you and your hubby stayed at.

    You guys definitely experienced a lot in one day! As always, you somehow always end up making me hungry with how you showcase your delicious meals lol =P

    Can't wait to see the next parts of your trip! Would love to see more architecture (but that might just me being a sucker for architectural/interior design), loved the footage you captured of the wedding hall and the fukoka tower.

    Really enjoyed this one! Keep it up girl ♥

  7. So pretty made!!!i loooveee onigiri! One of the best and go to of mine when we visited japan🙋🏻‍♀️such an informative travel video❤️🥰it really shows it was done with heart❤️and and we have the same song! Haha❤️lovelove! More pretty sis! And those purple flowers, we have those in our garden💕not as beautiful though. ❤️thank you for sharing pretty💕💗🌼

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