Full Japanese Hotel Tour | What are Japanese Hotels Really Like?

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19 thoughts on “Full Japanese Hotel Tour | What are Japanese Hotels Really Like?”

  1. Japanese and Germans are the heaviest smokers in the world. Both countries still have facilities at airports and other public places for smokers. German and Japanese Airports still have those smoking rooms they used to have in the US airports before they were slowly phased out. Japan and Germany still have some smoking friendly places left 😀

  2. I think that Finland is celebrating the 100th independence year off the Russian Empire. I think Lenin made them independent back in 1917 ….. I think ……but I am not 100 percent sure. Maybe the sticker on the car is already 2 years old? xD
    Anyways, it´s nice seeing you again exploring Japan.
    What are you guys up to nowadays and what are your plans on future travels?^^

  3. Thank you Samuel & Audrey for mentioning about smoking restaurants. I love the tastes of small restaurants, but not the fact they often are smoking. Please do speak louder. People here are taking seriously about 2020 Olympics & hospitality but not banning smoking in the small restaurants😢
    And the similar types of hotels to this are called ‘Business Hotels’. Though the room sizes are small, they have all necessities. If you don’t smoke, you should always book no smoking rooms in Japan as there can be really smelly smoking rooms. (S & A might already know this but here’s information for others who don’t know just in case.)

  4. That reminds me so much of my hotel room in Japan… despite being 6’3” and on the larger size of life, I loved the tiny bathroom (the robot toilets are weirdly awesome!). Every time I watch your videos I get so jealous of your travels!

  5. Love the vlog that you guys are making! Keep up the great work! One side note about the lower shower head holder is actually for people who sit down and have their shower. It is very typical to do such thing in a Japanese home

  6. Hi Sam and Audrey! Now, let me admit the truth ! Am more eager to check out Audrey's outfits first 🙂 and then get engrossed in the video! Love from Chennai, India.

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