Full Ost Hotel Del Luna & Lyric

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35 thoughts on “Full Ost Hotel Del Luna & Lyric”

  1. This drama is a very very high budget.. the CG, those CG is hard to make, the Cast, even Sulli and seo on soo become cameo, the ost? Look at this.. gummy, taeyeon.. chungha.. paul kim.. red velvet.. heize???? bruh this drama is masterpiece..

  2. I saw it with my mom, we cried a lot and I bet we both fell in love with Chan Sung ❤ I'll miss this kdrama, story on point, theme on point, beautiful cast, scenery too. Perfect!

  3. Honestly i want to say i like all of the songs but the ones that have the best feels are 1,2,3,10 and more T.T

    Punch is literally talent she can rap and sing!

    Well you can add more theyre all great I cant argue :>

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