Fyebabe Disney World Story

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6 thoughts on “Fyebabe Disney World Story”

  1. When I hear someone say they don't like Wiley,I don't see how Wiley u are a fun person as far as I see an the most part I like about u is u don't let know one upset u an like u always say this is yt intertainment an wat really upset me is when they talk about ur eye are ur medicine an ur bipolar but Wiley u are smarter than alot of these YouTubers that claim to be smart an I can tell u we're raised in church ,Wiley keep doing wat u doing u will go along way with this I have sub to ur channel God Bless u an ur success

  2. My son went to Disney from 5yo to 8 yo. He grew out of it… It's not that bad if you plan through a payment plan like Costco or if you have a Busch gardens membership, you can get in free through the Platinum membership. .. planning is the best way.

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