Geoguessr – An Urban World – No moving around #15 – Hotel Gounod

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  1. Levante are from Valenica and that flag did look like the Valencian flag, not Catalonia. The flag of Catalonia is just yellow and red stripes, there's no blue on it. That was one tough.

  2. 1: Found it pretty quickly, no rocket surgery here. 5000 pts.
    2: Looks like a big, French, Mediterranean city. Italian flag, so let's look close to Italy first. Zoomed in on Nice and found it ridiculously quick. 5000 pts.
    3: USA, NY because of the yellow numberplates. Took me way too long to spot the plaque-thingy on the ground (at 8:53) that said Syracuse NY. Easy from there. 5000 pts.
    4: Found out the city (thanks to the dumpsters) and the street pretty quickly. Finding it on the map took a bit longer. Still 5000 pts.
    5: Aaaargh! No perfect score here. I kept looking in Italy, mostly Sicily. Looked in Spain and Portugal as well. Spent way too much time on this one. Ended up going for Genoa. 795 pts.

    Most frustrating final round ever. 20795 total.

  3. Iโ€™ve heard you say Syracuse a few times. Iโ€™m not 100% certain but Iโ€™m pretty sure itโ€™s pronounced: Sear-ah-kyouze or Sare-ah-kyouze. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ‘

  4. played the game:
    1. easy
    2. idk why but i felt like Nice. couldnt find the hotel tho ๐Ÿ™
    3. nope
    4. cut off corners, so we are in barcelona for sure. coulnt find the sreet tho ๐Ÿ™
    5. where the hell am i. big laugh when i realized it was funchal this time (after your last game)

  5. If anyone from GeoGuessr reads this: NOT paying until you fix your website issue where maps turn transparent on iOS in Safari, Chrome and Firefox, making them useless. Also an issue in Edge and Internet Explorer on the P.C. where names of cities and roads on maps donโ€™t show up until you zoom so far in that searching becomes pointless.

  6. Yaaay, finally the next No moving urban! ๐Ÿ˜€ So stoked when I saw the thumbnail. Also, super glad to hear you're filming another adventure. I can't wait to find out what it is! * sits back, grabs snack, watches video *

    Levante isn't a city, mate. The team is from Valencia and Levant is the region of southeast Spain. it also wasn't "Lavan Guardia" but "La Vanguardia" as in "the vanguard". It's a district of Barcelona.

  7. I'm not very experienced with this, but I finally decided to play along.

    1. 3112 points

    2. 2811 points

    3. 1417 points

    4. 3485 points

    5. 870 points

    Final Score: 11695 points

    Because I don't know countries, for the last one I put the marker in between Spain and Greece because I was trying to maximize my odds. Oof.

  8. One thing that sometimes helps me roughly estimate where on the planet I am is looking at the satellite tv dishes. They always point towards the equator, and the higher up they point, the closer to the equator you are. If a satellite is pointing almost directly up, east or west, you're on the equator. If it looks like its pointing into the ground, you're in northern parts of Canada, Scandinavia, Iceland, etc. Sometimes it can help distinguishing north/south US, US/Canada, or third world countries.
    I noticed that in one location you struggled a bit,even though you knew you're either in the US or Canada. At one point you had a clear view of an offset dish pointing up under an angle similar to the ones you use in the UK, hinting that it's at a similar distance from the equator

  9. I got 17990. Got full scores on Barcelona and Latvia, went Marseille instead of Nice, Ohio instead of NY, and Italy instead of Madeira. I reckon a lot of people got railed on that last one for going to southern Europe instead of the Atlantic.

  10. I knew immediately that was Syracuse. I live right near there. Was kind of funny seeing that lol. And if you care Mr Davies its pronounced sara-cuse. Have a good one.

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